【MuMu Player 6】V2.7.1.0


【MuMu Player 6】V2.7.1.0

1. Optimized the casting accuracy of Diablo Immortal;

2. Adjusted the default window size of emulator for better larger-screen experience;

3. Optimized support for Sony PS5 DualSense controller;

4. Hid key hints by default (press F12 to show them) for better game experience;

5. Fixed an occasional internal system error causing Diablo: Immortal to get stuck;

6. Optimized support for Switch Pro controller (only in bluetooth mode);

7. Fixed the issue where the game crashes after the "System process is not responding" pops up;

8. Polished the text of CPU detection pop-up;

9. Sped up the start-up process of Free Fire by leaps and bounds;

10. Optimized the exit logic of emulator to avoid the damage of game resources caused by exit and reduce the chance of game crashing;

11. Fixed the problem of no sound in some users' emulator;

12. Added Vulkan rendering mode, greatly improving the stability, fluency, and image quality when running games;

13. Optimized the recording performance of emulator and increased the frame rate in some devices;

14. Optimized the lag of hard disk read and write in Diablo Immortal;

15. Hotfix for all versions is effective after reboot:

a. Adapted 120fps to Sniper Arena;

b. Fixed the crashing issue of Arknights Taiwan Server;

c. Fixed the black screen at boot of Girls' Frontline Taiwan Server.


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