【MuMu Player X】V12.0.2.0

【MuMu Player X】V12.0.2.0

1. The Apps center is newly launched!

2. Optimized the overall performance, reduced the installation space, and the startup speed is greatly improved;

3. Optimized the operation experience of shooting games, making the operation smoother;

4. Optimized the function of the controller key combination, and fixed the abnormal operation of Xbox controller's right joystick;

5. Fixed some running problems of "Fate/Grand Order (Japanese server)", "Last island of Survival" and "Tower of Fantasy (International server)";

6. The hotfix will take effect after restarting the emulator:

Fixed some running issues in "Thiên Thư Truyền Kỳ" and "World of Prandis";


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