【MuMu Player 12】 V3.6.3

【MuMu Player 12】 V3.6.3

● A brand new UI for an immersive gaming experience on a larger screen 
● Redesigned functional modules for simplicity 
● Fully adapted to high-resolution screens for an upgraded visual experience 
● Supports Windows window features, including docking and alignment layout 
● Sync function, app cloning, multi-game preservation, and unlimited multi-instance features are all available

● Significantly improved startup speed, with a quick 3-second experience 
● High frame rate support increased to 240 frames, allowing for 4K quality enjoyment

● Equipped with the Android 12 kernel, rejecting the "system version is too low" message 
● Redesigned multi-instance function for significantly improved performance 
● Vulkan high-performance mode provides a 25% performance increase compared to traditional emulators


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