Write For Us : Sumbit A Guest Post on MuMu


Write For Us : Sumbit A Guest Post on MuMu

Thanks for your interest in writing a guest post for MuMu Player.好爱你 We welcome all gamers/personal bloggers to contribute high-quality articles to MuMu Player. MuMu's official website aims to synchronize the latest game news, game events, mobile game tips and tricks, tutorials, etc. for all gamers, and you can gain exposure through our official Blog and our social media channels to share your gaming experience with more readers and gamers. If you are interested in sharing your articles, game guides, mobile game demo, etc. on MuMu Player's official website, please read the following guidelines to submit your articles.

Write for us - MuMu Player


Range of article topics.
What we want.

  • Mobile Game Reviews.
  • Mobile Game demo.
  • Mobile Game tips and tricks/tutorials.
  • Other articles related to Mobile Game information.

Languages we need.

  • English, Portuguese, Indonesian, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Russian, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese.

The content we do not accept.

  • Content that is not related to the game/application.
  • Promotional content such as gambling
  • Illegal content.


If you would like to write an article for us, please follow these guidelines.
1. Original articles: We only publish original articles, please make sure your article has not been previously published anywhere else, including your own website.
2. Quality of content: The content of the article is in fluent language with no spelling or grammatical errors.
3. Article length: 500- 1000 words.
4. Formatting: To provide a clear reading experience for readers, we recommend that you organize your content using paragraphs, headings, subheadings, and numbered lists/bulletins.
5. Links within articles: Where appropriate, you can add links to published articles/pages on the MuMu Player website.
6. Images/Video: Each article needs to contain at least 2-3 high-resolution accompanying images. If the article contains game footage, it is recommended to use screenshots from running the game on MuMu Player. If your article contains images or videos from other sources, please indicate the source of the images and make sure they are quotable and that there are no copyright issues involved.
7. Article editing: We reserve the right to edit the content you submit (mainly to correct some errors of expression or to improve the readability of the content).
8. Please do not send us sales promotion articles or other content that is not related to the game; please do not submit false product reviews, advertisements, and other types of content.


What you can gain

  • Reach a large audience

MuMu's website receives over 1,000,000 visitors per month and is steadily growing. Submitting your article to MuMu Player puts it in front of a wider audience and will get a lot of readers and gamers to read and retweet your content.

  • Social Media Exposure

MuMu Player stays active on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, VK, Cafe, etc., and has a large following. Any articles you submit on MuMu will receive higher exposure through these social media shares.

  • About the article fee

If you can provide high-quality articles to MuMu consistently for a long time, you will receive a rich reward. To find out more details, please contact us via editor@mumuglobal.com.


How to submit an article.
To submit an article, please send an email with "Guest Post + Language + Article Title" as the subject and attach your article (.doc format) to editor@mumuglobal.com. Once your article is received, our editors will review/revise it. If the article is approved and successfully published, we will notify you by email.


Terms of Use.
1. By submitting an article to MuMu, you agree to our use of it on MuMu's website (and allow us to make any changes as appropriate). In addition, you agree that you will not seek payment from MuMu for it now or in the future, nor will you bring an infringement action.
2. When your article is published on our website, it is owned by us and you may not republish it on other websites/media platforms without our prior written approval.

If you have any questions, please contact us via editor@mumuglobal.com to get more information.


Sponsored Blog Posts and Advertising Options.
If you would like to promote/post an ad on our site through a banner ad display, post a sponsored post, or engage in other forms of content collaboration, please email business@mumuglobal.com for more information.


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