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MuMu Player X backup data method
Latest Update Time:2022-04-02

Step 1, backup data
Android 6 backup to Android X.
Make sure your Android 6 version is x64 version, otherwise, it can't be backed up
Enter the Android 6 emulator installation path, find the nemu-6.0-x64-overseas folder, copy the -disk2 file in the red box to any location in your computer, and uninstall the emulator when you are done.

Android 9 (overseas version) or Android X backup to Android X:
Go to the emulator installation directory and find... \MuMu9\emulator\nemu9\vms\nemu-11.0-x64-overseas folder, copy the disk4 file to any location on your computer, uninstall the emulator when you are done.


Step 2, recover data
1. After installing MuMu Player X, download the import tool and unzip it.
2. Copy all the contents of the extracted file to the Vbox file Hypervisor folder on the system disk, for example, the path: C:\Program Files\Muvm6Vbox\Hypervisor


3. After copying, run the corresponding Muvm6.exe as administrator (make sure MuMu Player is closed before opening) → click on File and select Virtual Media Manager → to select the disk corresponding to the data disk (disk4), first click on Release, then click on remove.

4. Then copy the disk4 file saved in the previous backup to the vms folder under the newly installed simulator path (for example, C:\Program Files\MuMu9\emulator\nemu9\vms\nemu-11.0-x64-default);

5. After removal, click close at the bottom right corner to find the corresponding virtual machine (Android 9 is taken as an example in the figure below), select Settings on the right, find Storage in the pop-up window, open the copied folder as shown in the figure below, select disk4, and open it;

6. After opening, select choose, select OK, and you can add it to the storage;

Finally, after the disk4 is imported, close the import tool, open the emulator, and you can see the backed up games and applications.


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