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Known issues with MuMu Player X
Latest Update Time:2022-04-02

1. Multiple emulator coexistence issues.

Players can install MuMu Player 6, Nebula, MuMu Player X(beta) on one computer at the same time.
If you have previously installed MuMu Player 9, when you install MuMu Player X(beta), it will directly overwrite the previous version. It is recommended to uninstall MuMu Player 9 first and then install MuMu Player X(beta).
MuMu Player X is only available for x64 and no longer distinguishes between x64 and x86 versions.

2. Lagging and unresponsiveness of the startup.
Computers with 16G and below are prone to the problem of lagging because the emulator memory occupation is too high and not released.
After installing the emulator, the first time the emulator starts automatically, it may have a high memory occupation problem, which may lead to emulator startup failure, unresponsiveness, startup timeout, etc. It is recommended to close the emulator startup program directly and restart the emulator manually.
If the memory usage is too high, it is recommended to change the configuration to 4G. If the emulator is running smoothly, the configuration can be adjusted upwards as needed.
Recommended configuration: Go to "Settings Center" in the upper right corner of the emulator - "Top Settings" and adjust the emulator settings to "Medium" or customize it to 3 cores/4G.
Note: Most users set the performance to "Medium", which is the most ideal setting to run most games smoothly. less than "4 cores/3G".

3. Slow game startup and freezing at loading.
It is not recommended to open more than 2 games or applications at the same time.
If your computer uses a mechanical hard drive, the game may start slower and occupy a high RAM/CPU.
If the game is too slow to start for the first time after installation, it is recommended to close the game and restart it directly.

4. Emulator installation issues.
Since the MuMu Player X installation package is too large, it is recommended to download it in a stable network environment and ensure that the available disk space is at least 2G.
Other download problems can be solved by referring to the existing MuMu Player FAQ (error codes, network environment problems, etc.): 


5. Emulator functionality issues.
Currently missing features: emulator multi-open, emulator disk cleaning tool, backup data
The keystroke function may have a lagging situation: after closing the game, it still shows the key mapping of the game, it is recommended to restart the game directly.

6. Game download problem.
If you can't download the game you want in Google Store (prompting device incompatibility), we suggest downloading it from a third-party download site and installing it locally. (such as apkpure)
Note: MuMu Player X is only available in the x64 version, if some games are only supported in the x86 version, they will not run on MuMu Player X. It is recommended to use MuMu Player 6.
While the game is downloading, the emulator may occupy your bandwidth exclusively, which may slow down the network speed of other programs. It is recommended to wait for the game to finish downloading or for free time before downloading large games.

7. Games are currently known to be incompatible.
The current version does not support: Genshin Impact, Lineage2M, Brawl Stars, Blue Archive
We will fix the problem as soon as possible. If you find other problems in the process of use, welcome to give feedback.

8. Browser Chrome issues.
The default browser of MuMu Player X is Chrome.
At the moment, it does not support downloading game installation packages (apk, xapk, etc.) in Chrome, so it is recommended to download and install locally in your computer's browser.



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2. Join discord server, to consult customer service: MuMu Player.
3. Send a feedback email:

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