How to Solve Network Error,and Other Problems


How to Solve Network Error,and Other Problems

  Emulator network exceptions tend to have several situations:

  1. The upper right corner of the emulator interface shows a red exclamation mark reminding “Network environment error;”

  2. The App Store in the emulator prompts “Network error, getting data failed,” and games cannot be downloaded. While downloaded games can be opened normally;

  3. Web pages cannot be opened in the browser of the emulator, with a pop-up security certificate prompt;

  4. The network of the emulator is normal, while games cannot be logged in;

  In the case of the above problems, please refer to the following methods:

  Method 1, check if the computer network is normal, and whether it can access the Internet normally;

  Method 2, the emulator network exception is most likely caused by a virus, please perform a full scan, shut down the firewall, and then try restarting the emulator;

  Method 3, check the system directory and see if there are suspicious files like c:\windows\yyqg.dll. If there is, please scan and delete it with relevant software;

  Method 4, check if the app has pending updates and try installing the latest version;

  Method 5, check if the computer has “VT” or “Virtualization Technology” turned on, for example, “;”

  Method 6, try modifying the network DNS to;

  Method 7, install “UU Game Booster” in the emulator, accelerate the game, and try again.


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