Aether Gazer 2.1 Update: A Night Falls Red


Aether Gazer 2.1 Update: A Night Falls Red

The highly celebrated game, Aether Gazer, is a popular action RPG known for its captivating anime-inspired essence. Excitement is reaching new heights as gamers eagerly await the upcoming major update, Version 2.1, charmingly named "A Night Falls Red." This latest release promises a captivating new chapter segment and introduces a host of fresh features.

aether gazer 2.1 update


The update boasts a time-limited event, the addition of two new modifiers, an expansion of ultimate skill chains to enhance combat dynamics, and a wide array of alluring rewards. The festivities are scheduled to continue until 23:00 (UTC-7) on March 18th, 2024.



New Main Story

Chapter 14 Main Story "A Night Falls Red" will be available after maintainance on February 27th - March 18th, 23:00 (UTC-7)


In the face of sudden crisis, everyone has to make their own choices, difficult as they may be...

aether gazer 2.1 update


New Modifiers

The latest update Night Falls Red introduces two new modifiers to the game.


One of the top-grade modifiers is Taiyi – Gengchen, a formidable ranged character from the Tian Yuan Gen-Zone. As the founder of the Quad and the unwavering guardian of Xu Heng, Gengchen actively engages in all matters, whether they are of great importance or everyday trivialities.


With three powerful skills, she inflicts varying degrees of water damage on her enemies.

aether gazer 2.1 update


Another top-grade modifier is Omnisight – Luliang, who emerges from the Tian Yuan Gen-Zone as a wind-attribute melee support character. Luliang utilizes her unique wind-commanding techniques to manipulate Omnicalc and launch attacks on her adversaries.


Her primary ability enables her to gracefully dash forward using omnicalc, dealing a substantial amount of wind damage. The second skill involves hurling omnicalc to launch a spinning attack on the opponent, inflicting precise wind damage.

aether gazer 2.1 update


New Ultimate Skill Chains

The ultimate skill chains continue to be a pivotal aspect of Aether Gazer's gameplay. With this update, two new ultimate skill chains have been introduced:

  • Ink-Stained Flames: Taiyi - Gengchen & Untainted Heart - Lingguang
  • The Longmen Leap: Omnisight - Luliang & Taiyi - Gengchen


New Outfits

TaiYi - Gengchen New Limited-time Outfit: Whispering Waves

  • A gorgeous dress that captures Gengchen's charming figure.
  • 📆 Available Time: After maintenance on February 20th - March 12th, 05:00 (UTC-7)

aether gazer 2.1 update


Dark Star Hel's New Outfit: Symphonia Requiem

aether gazer 2.1 update


Omnisight - Luliang's New Outfit: Miss Rice Dumpling

aether gazer 2.1 update


In the version 2.1 update, the in-game store is now filled with a captivating array of new items. Admins can elevate the aesthetic appeal of their characters with the latest seasonal wardrobe update. The hauntingly exquisite Symphonia Requiem outfit for Darkstar – Hel and the culturally inspired Miss Rice Dumpling attire for Omnisight – Luliang are now available, adding a touch of elegance to this season's collection.


New Functors

Two new 5-star functors are now available in the co-op shop with this update. 


Otherworlder – Shenli, recommended with the modifier Taiyi – Gengchen.

aether gazer 2.1 update


Otherworlder – Hujiao, recommended with the modifier Omnisight – Luliang.

aether gazer 2.1 update


Above is all the information about Aether Gazer Version 2.1 "A Night Falls Red" update. For more gaming news and guides, welcome to bookmark MuMu's blog page!


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