Azur Lane: Tier List 2023


Azur Lane: Tier List 2023

Azur Lane is a side-scrolling shoot'em up video game whose players engage in side-scrolling shooter gameplay, using female moe anthropomorphic characters based on warships from the war's major participants. The game can massively be affected depending on the type of ship players choose. So it's of great importance to create the right team of ships. In this article we've prepared Tier List of 2023 for you to help you create the best possible team.




S-Tier ships are the creme-de-la-creme of Arzure Lane. These are the best players who can get within the game. It would be a cakewalk to make the perfect team with this Tier.

azur lane tier list

  • Ayanami-Destroyer
  • Azuma-Large Cruiser
  • Baltimore-Heavy Cruiser
  • Bremerton-Heavy Cruiser
  • Centaur-Light Aircraft Carrier
  • Chapayev-Light Cruiser
  • Drake-Heavy Cruiser
  • Enterprise-Aircraft Carrier
  • Formidable-Aircraft Carrier
  • Friedrich der Grosse-Battleship
  • Gascogne-Battleship
  • Georgia-Battleship
  • Helena-Light Cruiser
  • Howe-Battleship
  • I-13-Submarine Carrier
  • Monarch-Battleship
  • Nagato-Battleship
  • Odin-Battleship
  • Richelieu-Battleship
  • Roon-Heavy Cruiser
  • Ryuuhou-Aircraft Carrier
  • San Diego Retrofit-Light Cruiser
  • Seattle-Light Cruiser
  • U-101-Submarine
  • Warspite Retrofit-Battleship


It's a respectable tier that can cause a lot of damage. Not the best but certainly nothing to laugh at.

azur lane tier list

  • Akashi-Repair Ship
  • Alabama-Battleship
  • Amagi-Battle Cruiser
  • An Shan-Destroyer
  • Bismarck-Battleship
  • Bunker Hill-Aircraft Carrier
  • Cheshire-Heavy Cruiser
  • Duke of York-Battleship
  • Eldridge-Destroyer
  • Essex-Aircraft Carrier

Hope this Tier List can help you build a stronger ship team in Azur Lane! If you are a beginner of the game Azur Lane, you can check out the article Azur Lane Beginners Tips and Tricks or search for Azur Lane in this site for more information!

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