Beginners Guide for Aether Gazer


Beginners Guide for Aether Gazer

Aether Gazer is an exciting Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) that boasts an array of exceptional features and captivating game content. Players can expect to engage in numerous battles while constructing multiple battle troops, and confront powerful enemy bosses that add an extra layer of thrill to the gameplay. As a result, it is essential for any novice Aether Gazer player to refer to a guide in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the game.

Aether Gazer Beginners Guide


To enjoy the best audio-visual performance and the most suitable operating setting, we recommend playing Aether Gazer on PC with MuMu Player X! For more guides, please review the list below:


Aether Gazer Beginners Guide

Through this Aether Gazer beginner guide, we hope to give the players a better understanding of all the particular aspects with which they will have to interact in this game.


1. Upgrade Modifiers

This is an RPG where players must focus on characters called modifiers, categorized into three ranks: S, A and B, each with unique skills. Upgrading characters is crucial for battles, with the first method being to feed experience points (EXP) cards. These cards have different capacities, and can max out a character's level or upgrade by a certain number. Limit breaking is another method to increase a character's level cap, requiring the gathering of Source Dust resources, with a certain amount needed to break through.

Aether Gazer Beginners Guide


In Aether Gazer, players can increase the level cap of any character through limit breaking. This requires gathering specific resources called Source Dust in a certain amount. Another method is using Dupes, which can be collected by pulling out the same character. It can increase a character's stats such as attack power, defense, and health, as well as their rank.


2. Create a Team

In Aether Gazer, new players must create a team with their heroes and choose a leader before battles. Understanding each hero's stats, as shown in the tier list, is important for creating a strong team. 

Aether Gazer Beginners Guide


To change team members in Aether Gazer, simply click and drag them on the screen to rearrange their positions, with the middle hero being the leader. It's important to choose a hero with high CP as the leader. During battles, players only control the leader while the other team members fight automatically. All heroes have different strengths and powers, so it's important to consider all their stats when selecting them for your team.


3. Energy

In Aether Gazer, battles in any mode will consume energy, but if the player loses the battle, no energy is lost. Energy bundles are given to players upon leveling up, so gathering energy is not a concern.

Aether Gazer Beginners Guide


4. Attack an Enemy

Attacking enemies in Aether Gazer is done by tapping the attack button, which can also trigger a continuous attack. Players can also use hero skills by tapping the skill button, as each hero has their own unique set of skills. These skills often have a cooldown period, meaning they cannot be used repeatedly until they have recharged.

Aether Gazer Beginners Guide


Players can control attacks in Aether Gazer using the default touch screen buttons or the MuMu Player Android emulator's keyboard mapping feature for more personalized controls. Players have the freedom to move around the field and use both charge and normal attacks. Experimenting with different characters' play styles can help players find what works best for them.


5. Computational Powers of M.E.O.W.

Players can use M.E.O.W's computational powers to assist them in battles by following commands or using control chips to increase decision-making capacity. Different chips have different effects, unlocking them can increase potential. Beginners can benefit from using M.E.O.W to easily access additional assistance in combat.

Aether Gazer Beginners Guide


Final Thoughts

Through out this beginner guide, players should now feel more confident when playing Aether Gazer. It contains many secrets that can greatly contribute to their success in the game. This guide was created specifically for beginners, so they can make the most out of it and improve their gameplay.


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