Blood Strike Season 3 Update: What to Expect


Blood Strike Season 3 Update: What to Expect

NetEase Games is excited to announce the launch of Season 3 in Blood Strike, the popular battle royale FPS game. Starting on February 15, 2024, players can expect new challenges and a global expansion in this highly anticipated update.

blood strike season 3 update


In Blood Strike, up to 100 participants engage in intense battles across expansive terrains. Players take on the roles of strikers, each with their own unique abilities and talents that can significantly impact combat outcomes, both defensively and offensively.


Fresh Challenges

With the arrival of each new season, gamers will encounter an updated version of ranked matches, offering a refreshed and fiercely competitive arena to showcase their skills. The upcoming global release on March 24, 2024, is set to bring in a wave of new contenders, elevating the excitement and competition on the battlefield.

blood strike season 3 update


Blood Strike offers a diverse range of fully customizable weapons, eliminating the need for players to rely solely on their own abilities. The game emphasizes immersive run-and-gun battles where victory depends on skill and precision. In addition to using their own skills, players can also scavenge for equipment scattered across the landscape.


Players have the opportunity to enhance their Strike Pass, unlocking access to the latest striker, volt, and the origin-12 attachment known as "Dragon's Breath." The introduction of the "Year of the Dragon Ultra Stash" adds an exciting thematic element to the game, allowing players to wield the formidable might of dragons in combat.


New Character and Exciting Features

Volt is the newest character to join the game's lineup. As a gang leader with a powerful cybernetic exoskeleton, he brings a whole new dynamic to the battlefield. His control over electromagnetic energy makes him a formidable opponent, able to deal significant damage to enemies and disrupt devices in his surroundings.

blood strike season 3 update


The new addition, 'Dragon's Breath', enhances the origin-12 shotgun with an incendiary effect, enveloping foes in flames and causing ongoing burning damage. Meanwhile, Blood Strike presents expansive maps that promote unrestricted movement, empowering players to incorporate parkour, wall runs, and leaps into their strategic approach. The game also incorporates gliders, parachutes, and zip lines for swift and tactical traversal.


Furthermore, Blood Strike incorporates a respawn mechanic that fosters strategic cooperation among players. The game has been meticulously optimized to ensure a seamless experience, even on less powerful hardware. Specifically tailored for devices with 2GB of RAM and limited storage capacity, it enables smooth gameplay on older mobile devices, broadening the scope of players who can engage in battles without being hindered by high hardware requirements.

blood strike season 3 update


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