Pre-Register Now for BTS Cooking On: TinyTAN Restaurant


Pre-Register Now for BTS Cooking On: TinyTAN Restaurant

Pre-registration for the highly anticipated global release of BTS Cooking on: TinyTan Restaurant, a captivating cooking simulation game created by Com2uS, has officially begun. Gamers from over 170 countries can now sign up for the game through both Google Play and the App Store, as the brand page is currently active, providing access to a myriad of game-related information and the opportunity to pre-register.

bts cooking on pre registration


Let's see what can we expect from the game and the related official events!


Pre-registration Events

To add to the excitement, BTS Cooking on: TinyTan Restaurant has unveiled thrilling pre-registration events. Players can engage in a series of activities to mark the pre-registration phase. By pre-registering on the official brand page and verifying their submission with a screenshot through a Google Form, participants will be entered into a draw for a chance to win a Google Gift Card. 

bts cooking on pre registration


What to Expect

Grampus and com2us have collaborated to create BTS Cooking On: TinyTan Restaurant, a mobile game that allows players to manage restaurants with the tinytan characters from the popular K-pop group BTS. Renowned for successful cooking games like Cooking Adventure and My Little Chef, Grampus has gained recognition from both gaming enthusiasts and K-pop fans for its partnership with BTS' tinytan characters, with a remarkable 33 million global downloads.


Check out BTS: Cooking On official trailor:



In the game, players can explore various global destinations, collect items such as tinytan character photocards, experience storylines set in the delightful tinytan universe, and design their own stages featuring the tinytan characters. Additionally, by arranging tinytan photocards themed after different BTS albums in a specific sequence, players can enjoy BTS music on the customized stages they've created.


Above is all the information about BTS Cooking On pre-registration. For more gaming news and guides, welcome to bookmark MuMu's blog page!


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