Call of Dragons Tier List of Best Heroes


Call of Dragons Tier List of Best Heroes

Call of Dragons Tier List outlines the best heroes in the game. There are a lot of different heroes that you will find in the game and each one of them is unique with different in-game roles. There are heroes in the game that will outperform other heroes in almost everything while there are some heroes that are not worth using. So it is important that you invest in the best heroes in Call of Dragons that will have the best return on your time and investment which is crucial if you are a free-to-play player. 

Call of Dragons Tier List

There are some factors MuMu Player wants you to take into consideration when you are choosing what hero you will use like what is your in-game progression, whether you are a free-to-play player or a pay-to-win player, what is your in-game goal, etc. If you do not care about these factors like most players then you can simply use heroes that are rated as tier S and Tier A which are the best in the game. 



Hosk is by far one of the strongest heroes in Call of Dragons. What makes him a good amount of counterattack damage, legion capacity, bonus damage and so much more. The amount of damage and bonus stats that he gets allows him to be paired with almost every hero in the game and you can use any type of unit. The biggest problem is that he is a pay-to-win hero. In order to get a husk you have to purchase bundles. Unfortunately, without spending, you cannot get him. If you are a player who spends a lot, make sure that you get him as soon as possible. You will dominate.

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Liliya is also one of the best heroes, especially if you are using mage units. What makes Liliya so great is her nuking capability, especially her powerful first skill. Now she is also a pay-to-win hero, which means that you can only obtain her by purchasing packs from the VIP shop. What is great about her is that you have her as 5111. She will perform extremely well and better than most epic heroes. So if you can, purchase only packs from the VIP shop to get her skill to 5111.


Nika is a legendary infantry hero that is extremely good at the beginning. She will help you with leveling other infantry heroes because of her peacekeeping talent and skills. The problem with Nika is that she has peacekeeping skills and talent. As time goes on and new infantry heroes come to Call of Dragons, she will only lose value. So if you are a free-to-play player, it is not best to invest in her. Look for heroes that are tier A and tier S or save hero tokens.



Madeline is currently the best infantry hero that you can get in Call of Dragons. What makes her extremely good is the first skill that allows her to absorb damage, deal counter damage, bring in more units, and so much more. With her, you will be able to survive for a long time while dealing a lot of damage to all enemies nearby. What is great about her is that she is extremely good at doing PVE content, like when you have to tank Behemoth. So no matter if you are free to play or pay to win, you have to get Madeline.

Call of Dragons Tier List


Garwood is a strong infantry hero, but he is not for all players. The reason why he is rated as B-tier is that he is only used for PVE and tanking Behemoth. When it comes to PVP he does not perform that great and for most players, especially free-to-play players, is simply a waste of tokens. There are better infantry heroes that are in the game and that will come that you can use for PVP. So if you are a free-to-play player, avoid him and if you are pay to win, get him to help your alliance with PVE content.


Emrys is an extremely good cavalry commander. A combination of cavalry units and fast mobility allows you to hunt and destroy all range units like mages and archers. What is great about him is that he also has insanely high nuking damage and the skill Watcher's Blade which allows him to hit and run. Also, a lot of players are using it to hunt enemy troops that are AFK. So if you love cavalry units and hunt other players, you should definitely get Emrys

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Indis is not that great a hero, especially when it comes to PVP. She is simply not that good. The only good thing about Indis is that she is a free hero. If you do not have any options, use her, but there are much better heroes.


Theia is an extremely good hero to use with flying units. Her skills will provide decent damage, but what is more impressive is her ability to survive for a long time when you are fighting enemy troops. On top of that, when Theia is expertise, she is able to put 2 shields on nearby units. You cannot go wrong by investing in her, especially if you are using flying units.



Bakshi is a powerful cavalry commander that is equipped with good nuking skills and a lot of survivability. When you max him out you will have 30% HP which is massive considering that he is a cavalry commander. He also has peacekeeping skills that will help you with early content and when the new season starts. Feel free to get in and invest in Bakshi.

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Gwanwyn is the best epic hero that you can get in the game. If you play for a long time, you will notice that most of the players are using her. Her damage is insanely good considering she is an epic hero. What is also great about her is that you will not have a hard time leveling her at the start of the season, so make sure that you get her on the max level as soon as possible.


Waldyr is the strongest epic hero for mage units. His skills are dealing AOE damage, buffing him to deal even more damage, and increasing his sustain. Make sure that you max him out as soon as it is possible, especially if you are a free-to-play player. You will use him all the time, especially in the early game.


Alistair is a decent cavalry hero, but when you compare him to other cavalry heroes you will notice that he does not perform that well. We recommend that you use him only if you do not have any other cavalry hero available or if you are a new player who has a small pool of heroes available.

Call of Dragons Tier List


Eliana is a decent hero for the early game. She will provide a lot of survivability and defense buffs. Later, when you get better legendary heroes, you can replace her.


Bakhar is an extremely bad hero for PVP. Simply put, it is not worth using him. Hopefully, he will get buffs and improved skills in future updates.


Kregg is a decent hero to have and use. He deals a lot of damage considering that he is an epic hero. So if you have range units and heroes that do not have pairings, you can use Kregg with them.


Atheus is not that great a hero. You can use him as a new player for your flying units but look for his replacement, especially if you are fighting a lot in PVP.

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