Defense Derby March 2024 Update: Prince Frog III & New Events


Defense Derby March 2024 Update: Prince Frog III & New Events

RisingWings, the creative studio under Krafton, has announced the highly-anticipated March 2024 update for the popular real-time PvP tower defense mobile game, Defense Derby.

defense derby march 2024 update


This update introduces Prince Frog III, a fresh addition to the beast faction's arsenal as well as other exciting events. Let's have a look together.


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New Beast Unit: Prince Frong III

Position & Skills

In this latest update, players will have the opportunity to experience the powerful presence of Prince Frog III in Defense Derby. As a new addition to the beast faction, Prince Frog III is a formidable physical-type unit known for his expertise in close combat and his ability to inflict debuff effects on monsters.

defense derby march 2024 update


His special move, Dominion, not only amplifies damage against monsters but also scales its potency based on the player's stock of derby chips. Effective teamwork with allies of the same faction and type is crucial for maximizing the prince's potential, adding a strategic layer to the allocation of derby chips and consideration of scouting requirements.


How to obtain Prince Frog III?

Players have the opportunity to acquire the coveted Prince Frog III unit through a variety of channels, including the Shop of Blessings, Lucky Draw, Featured Summon, and the Step Up Pack.

defense derby march 2024 update


Related Event

To demonstrate the prowess of this new unit, an exciting event called the Derby Brawl – Prince Frog III Mirror Match is now available until March 13 at 5:30 am. This event not only allows players to test the capabilities of the unit but also offers rewards such as Eternal Feathers and season points.


New Spirit Unit: Little Satyr

The latest update in March brings forth thrilling events, including the introduction of a new unit and the commencement of the Mystic Woods Season. On March 13th, players can anticipate the arrival of Little Satyr, a fresh addition to the physical-type spirit faction.



Little Satyr possesses unique abilities, such as launching a potent slingshot after a set number of attacks, causing area damage, and stunning affected monsters for 2 seconds. The Derby Brawl – Little Satyr Mirror Match, scheduled from March 13th to March 27th at 5:30 am, will shine a spotlight on this latest unit.


Above is all the information about Defense Derby March 2024 update. For more gaming news and guides, welcome to bookmark MuMu's blog page!


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