iLLANG Beginner Guide: Characters Introduction


iLLANG Beginner Guide: Characters Introduction

iLLANG, the latest social deduction game, offers more than just an adrenaline-pumping hunt—it's also a celebration of camaraderie and strategy, packaged within a world filled with cute and adorable chibi characters. As you play, you'll encounter a diverse array of mini-games, such as Flower Bloom, Cat Finder, and Treasure Hunt, each presenting unique missions and skills tailored to your character's role.

illang beginner guide characters


There are seven pre-set characters in iLLANG, waiting for you to encounter. Let's have a look together now!


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The Fox Goddess

Dakki is not a local stray fox, but a deity worshipped by Harumi, the local Ying Yang Shaman. She's been around for over 900 years and knows everything about the world and even the future.

illang beginner guide characters


The Troublemaker

Jin is an outcast who has not been treated very well in Koji Village, and he has no idea why. It's like blowing your nose and throwing away a handkerchief, or drinking a soda and throwing the empty can over your shoulder, or the flapping of a butterfly's wing creating a massive ripple effect.

illang beginner guide characters


The Ex-convict

By digging a hole in the wall of a prison, Chaju managed to escape and ended up in Koji Village. He's wanted throughout the country. Chaju is jealous of the famous criminal in town, the Illang. He's seen the news that there's an escpaed convict in town, but the villagers say nothing about it. All they talk about is the Illang.

illang beginner guide characters


The Raccoon

"If the Fox hops seven times, the Raccoon hops eight..." That's what an old tale says. But now the Raccoon's shapeshifting ability can't even keep up with the Fox's second front toe.

illang beginner guide characters


The Shaman

A bold and brave young girl at the Fox Shrine in Koji Village. She was born into a family who have worshipped the Fox Goddess for generations, the Abe Family. She once heard the voice of the Fox Goddess Dakki from her mother's womb.

illang beginner guide characters


The Drowned Ghost

The ghost of an unknown noblewoman who drowned in the pond of Koji Village over 300 years ago. When the dead wander the underworld long enough, their precious memories begin to fade gradually.

illang beginner guide characters


The Fortune Teller

A 19-year-old girl from Koji Village who can tell the future. Tired from playing all night, her eyes are not always wide open. But lots of people misunderstand it as a proof that she's worried about the upcoming catastrophes or she exhausts her HP from overusing her prophetic powers.


Every time Neru plays all night and takes a nap, the Illang steals her crystal ball. Neru's allowance is always tight because she keeps buying more crystal balls and churros.

illang beginner guide characters


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Above is all the information about iLLANG characters. Hope you enjoy this social detective game with MuMu Player! For more gaming news and guides, welcome to bookmark MuMu's blog page.


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