How to play Fate Fantasy: Strategy RPG on PC with MuMu Player


How to play Fate Fantasy: Strategy RPG on PC with MuMu Player

Fate Fantasy:Strategy RPG is said goddess Rosa created the world. Long ago, god and humans were coexisting peacefully. Long time ago, god and humans were living happily together. However, the peaceful world was invaded by the Evil God. People lost faith after the goddess who had been protecting the world disappeared. Thankfully, four heroes were able to use the Dawn Light Holy Sword to seal the evil god under Noah's guidance. As time goes by, Goddess was forgotten in the long river of history! It appears that someone purposefully hidden all truth about the goddess. To find out the answers, Gitan started his journey to discover the truth; what unexpected matter would he encounter? Together, let's begin the fantastic voyage!

Fate Fantasy:Strategy RPG on PC


Now it's time to play this fantastic mobile game on PC with MuMu Player!

Emulators like MuMu Player could offer you a wonderful gaming experience! Emulators have several advantages including cost-effective, ease of use, bigger screen, faster speed, higher FPS and so on. This version of MuMu Player provides you a better video output, better audio, is much more convenient (no need to connect a TV or physically switch cartridges around) and most importantly, much more reliable. Besides, you could also set personalised control method, which fits your habits best, on your keyboard and mouse. MuMu Player is one of the best Android emulators on the market right now in terms of performance.

Installation Guide

The followings are steps for installing Fate Fantasy:Strategy RPG on PC.


Step 1: Download and install MuMu Player from the official website on your PC.

Download MuMu Player


Step 2: Launch MuMu Player and click App Center, then look for Fate Fantasy:Strategy RPG in the search bar on the top.

Search games in MuMu Player


Note: If you couldn't launch MuMu Player, you could enable Virtualization Technology (VT) on your MuMu Player manually. Enabling VT allows multiple operating system to run simultaneously without any negative impacts and significantly boosts emulator performance. Search "Enable VT" on MuMu Player's official website or just click this link to access the tutorial.


Step 3: Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store and install Fate Fantasy:Strategy RPG.

Sign in to Google

play fate fantasy strategy on PC


Note: If you didn't find this game on the Play Store, you can also download the game's apk file to install locally on MuMu Player X.

play mobile game on PC


Step 4: Click the Fate Fantasy:Strategy RPG icon on the home screen and enjoy it!

Fate Fantasy:Strategy RPG on PC


After these few easy steps, which only takes you a few minutes, you have been ready to enjoy playing Fate Fantasy:Strategy RPG on PC with the best audio-visual performance and the most suitable operating setting. Now let's start playing this fantastic game on PC with MuMu Player X!


Tips for setting MuMu Player to enhance your game experience

  • To use multi-drive funtion, click the desktop icon "Multi-drive" → select "Copy emulator" or "Create new emulator" → click "start", and you can open multiple emulators.
  • To achieve precise control, click the keyboard icon at the bottom of MuMu Player to set up your own keyboard and mouse control system.
  • To have a smoother sreen, click "Settings" at its upper right corner → Select "Game settings" → Tick "Enable HFR (60 fps)" / "Extra High FPS Mode (120 fps)".
  • To improve the resolution and have a clearer vision than anyone else, click "Settings" at its upper right corner → Select "interface" → Tick "Custom" / "Width - 2560, Height - 1080", save and restart the emulator.
  • Explore more features and setup instructions on our FAQ page.



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