How to play Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt on PC with MuMu Player 12


How to play Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt on PC with MuMu Player 12

Embark on a whimsical journey across the magical continent of Inariel in "Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt," an enchanting Idle RPG mobile game that combines light-hearted adventure with captivating cartoon graphics. In this extraordinary realm, a congregation of diverse races, from humans and dwarves with their sophisticated technology to the intuitive and magical elves, as well as the valiant wild beasts and the enigmatic void spirits, all coexist. Yet despite the sprawling civilizations and various beliefs that enrich the land, the continent teeters on the brink of war, dominated by the formidable Dragon Clan, the chaotic sovereigns of Inariel.

play inariel legend dragon hunt on pc


The game pits you, the prophesied hero, against the fearsome dragons, entrusting you with the mission to unite and lead the "Ruler League" – the only force endowed with the power to repel these malevolent beasts and inherit the Will of the World Order. As you traverse the war-ridden landscapes, you will encounter battles that oscillate between chaos and order, destruction and preservation, challenging you to master the delicate balance of power that holds the very fate of Inariel in your hands. Let "Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt" draw you into its richly animated world where epic quests, fierce dragons, and the promise of glory await.


Can't wait to try that now? It's time to play this exciting mobile game on PC with MuMu Player 12!


Why choose to play mobile games on PC with emulators?

  • Bigger screen: It's a pity to limit your sight and the beautiful game play to a tiny mobile screen especially in a RPG game like Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt.
  • Higher FPS: MuMu Player now surpasses the original FPS limit and supports 120 FPS, allowing you to notice every single nuances.
  • Cost-effective: More and more hardcore games emerge, demanding high-end graphics and storage on your mobile. Now MuMu help save your budget with this "virtual highest end Android phone" for free!
  • Ease of use: MuMu Player supports customized control method including Double strike, D-pad, Gravity, Smart cast, etc. to fit your habits best on your keyboard, mouse, and joystick. Just follow a simple instruction of key mapping and you can run and fire as you like!
  • Effortless multitasking: Now MuMu player allows you to run multiple Android instances concurrently on your PC screen, come and have your different game accounts online at the same time!


All in all, MuMu Player as a reliable and convenient emulator, can provide you with excellent gaming experience when playing Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt on PC. It is undoubtedly one of the best Android emulators on the market right now.



Installation Guide

Here are steps for installing Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt on PC.


Step 1: Download and install MuMu Player 12 from the official website on your PC.

play inariel legend dragon hunt on pc


Step 2: Launch MuMu Player 12 and click the "App Center" button on the front page, then look for Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt in the search bar on the top.

play inariel legend dragon hunt on pc


Note: If you couldn't launch MuMu Player 12, try to enable VT on your MuMu Player 12 manually. Enabling VT allows simultaneously running multiple operating system without side effects and will strongly boost emulator performance. Search Enable VT on MuMu Player's official website or just click this link and head to the tutorial.


Step 3: Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store and install Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt.

play inariel legend dragon hunt on pc

play inariel legend dragon hunt on pc


Note: If you can't find this game on the Play Store, you can also download the game's apk file and install it on MuMu Player 12 locally.

play inariel legend dragon hunt on pc


Step 4: Now click the icon of Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt and enjoy your game time!

play inariel legend dragon hunt on pc


These easy steps only take you a few minutes. After that, you have been already to enjoy playing Inariel Legend: Dragon Hunt with the amazing audio-visual performance and the most suitable operating setting. Hope you enjoy this fantastic game on PC with MuMu Player 12!


Tips for setting MuMu Player to enhance your game experience

  • To achieve precise control: Click the keyboard icon at the bottom of MuMu Player and set up your own keyboard and mouse control system.
  • To have a smoother screen: Click "Settings" at its upper right corner→Select "Game settings"→Tick "Enable HFR (60 fps)" / "Extra High FPS Mode (120 fps)".
  • To improve the resolution and have a clearer vision than anyone else: Click "Setting" at its upper right corner→Tick "Custom"/ "Width-2560, Height-1080"→Save and restart the emulator.
  • To eliminate lags: Ensure that your PC's specification matches MuMu's system requirements→Make sure VT is enabled→Click "Settings" at its upper right corner→Select "Advanced"→Set "Performance" to "High".


Note: If you find the emulator lagging after a substantial game time, try freeing up the memory: Click the menu icon at the upper right corner→Select "Clean up memory"


  • To use multi-drive function: Click the icon "Multi-drive" on your desktop→Select "Copy emulator" or "Create new emulator"→Click "Start", and open multiple emulators.


Explore more features and setup instructions on our FAQ page.



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