Punishing: Gray Raven 2022 Beginners Guide and Tips


Punishing: Gray Raven 2022 Beginners Guide and Tips

Punishing Gray Raven is a fast-paced ultra-stylish hack and slash Action RPG developed and published by a Hong Kong-based company Kuro Technology co Ltd. In this Punishing Gray Raven beginners guide, players will learn about basic strategies, tips, and tricks to get started with the game's basic mechanics.

Getting Started


The Earth is conquered by a robotic army and warped by a biomechanical virus known as The Punishing result in the extinction of humankind. The last survivors have escaped the orbit. After years of preparation, the Gray Raven Special Forces unit leads the mission to reclaim their lost homeworld. In this whole mission, the player is the leader who creates the powerful soldiers and battles to reclaim their land.

In this game, the players will experience features like:

  • Directly control the squad members in real-time 3D battles where players can master each character’s special moves.
  • Explore the ruined world and take the battle against the Corrupted to harsh polar battlefields and even beyond Earth’s gravity in a continually expanding cinematic story.
  • Explore stunning soundtrack from ambient, atmospheric tracks to pounding drum and bass. 


Punishing Gray Raven Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Replacing your phone with a Android emulator

If you want to get the best PC gaming experience on the big screen, 120FPS ultra-high frame rate, and enjoy the native controller mode for easier operation to win quickly, it is recommended that you play PGR with MuMu Player on PC.

Punishing: Gray Raven 2022 Beginners Guide and Tips


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2. Understand the Constructs

In Punishing: Gray Raven, players have to unlock many different characters, which is called constructs. The character’s main goal is to obey the orders and defeat opponents and have unique skills, stats, styles, and properties. Despite the difference, they land into one of these three categories:


  • Attacker: These types of characters have huge offensive potential and have the specialty to deal more damage in a shorter time.
  • Tank: These types of characters trade in the offence for good survivability. They are strong with the skills to absorb much damage without falling.
  • Support: These types of characters are buffers and healers whose main purpose is to support their team.

These categories determine the role of the characters. Apart from this, every character can deal with different elemental damage, such as Physical, Thunder, Fire, and Dark. For example, 50 percent Physical and 50 percent Fire, which will determine the performance of the Construct in combat. 

Punishing: Gray Raven 2022 Beginners Guide and Tips


3. Know when to upgrade and gear characters

Now that players know about the Constructs, they should consider focusing on the significant resources required to unleash their full potential. There are several ways to upgrade the characters in this game, which requires specific resources depending on the type of upgrade:

  • Upgrade: For levelling up their characters, players can use construct Exp. pods in the section to level them and increase their stats in the process. 
  • Promote: Now that characters have fulfilled certain conditions, players can now invest resources to promote them and increase their stats permanently while adding a white star to their rank per promotion.
  • Evolve: In this section, players can use character shards to evolve their characters permanently while increasing their rank and elevating their potential.
  • Skill: Players can use Cogs to commit their character’s skill points to specific skills, increasing their effectiveness in combat. 
  • Apart from these upgrades, players can provide characters with memories. These memories can grant different bonuses, depending on the type and the slot in which players equip them. Aside from memories, characters also handle different weapons, which also come in different types and qualities. Players have to focus on these tips to prevent damage. 
  • Punishing: Gray Raven 2022 Beginners Guide and Tips


3. Complete all the Quests and Missions

Every game has a path to follow, such as missions, tasks, objectives, quests, or more. These quests provide bonuses and rewards, which help players to move forward in the game.

Quests and missions

Rookie missions
It is a 7-day event with a one-time limit. Newbies with enough gear and resources can start these missions and earn rewards to level up their game.  

Punishing: Gray Raven 2022 Beginners Guide and Tips


Mentor-Student system

The Mentor-student system is a great way through which players can improve the power of the heroes. Whenever players choose mentors, they automatically give a list of objectives attached to this bond. After players complete the mission, the students receive rewards, and one of the rewards can be memories up to 5* in rarity.

Daily missions
These missions appear on a daily basis, which includes Logging in each day, Spending stamina, Completing co-op mode at least once, Spending one black card, and Completing Pain cage 3x.

Weekly missions
These missions appear on a weekly basis, which includes Completing Warzone 1-12x, Completing Pain cage 1-12x, 200,000 points in Pain cage, 200,000 points in Warzone, and Sparring with guild boss 3x.

Dorm missions
These missions include Boss Mission on Chaos Difficulty (Pain Cage) and Upgrading Dorm Furniture Once.

The affection mechanic is for the players who want additional information about the heroes like voice lines, juicy secrets, and a bit more about their affection story. Players can purchase these gifts to increase their affection for the Heroines.

These warzone mechanics force players to go out for an adventure during different weathers like Fire, Lightning, and more. In the Warzone missions, players can do only one type of weather mission during that day and other types of weather cycles on the next day. In this Mechanics, players have to go through three stages

Players have to complete the simple task of killing their opponents, which will lead to slowly depleting their health. The second and third rounds have the same task. Instead of bleeding, players have to kill as many enemies in 2 minutes. That means the higher the number of monsters players kill, the more score and rewards they will receive.

Pain cage
In the pain cage mechanics, players have to fight with a group of 3 monsters each cycle. This mode will reward players with the fastest finish and health. 


4. Utilise the in-game Currencies efficiently

In the game there are three types of currency:

Premium Currency
Black cards are the premium currency in Punishing Gray Raven, which is used to summon all banners. In this game, every banner needs that currency, in which black cards are convertible. Players can inefficiently use this black card for many purposes like stamina.

Punishing: Gray Raven 2022 Beginners Guide and Tips

In each month, how many black cards player can use. There are two types:

1. Free to play

Players will get 1210 black cards each week. In a month, they will get 4840 black cards by event, story, and compensation. 

2. Monthly cards

The monthly cards cost five dollars per month. The game will provide players with 365 black cards to purchase the monthly card. It will also provide an extra 100 black cards every day for the next 30 days. If the player gets the monthly card, their monthly total will be 9000 black cards, which is more than enough for any player to get a hand on the new characters.

How to buy characters and weapons with the black cards
To buy a new S rank character, players need 15000 black cards. That means fully F2P players can get all these characters if they play it wisely. Additionally, there are A-rank and signature weapons as well, so use the black cards wisely.

Pulling Currency
Pulling currency means the currency from which players can pull out the banners. These currencies can be distinguished as follows:

  • Self-Select banners represents Blue cards
  • Starter Weapon represents Red cards
  • Rotational Banners represents Yellow cards
  • Event Banners represents Normally yellow but event currency when applicable
  • Compositor Banner represents Yellow cards
  • Every Banner represents Black cards.

Punishing: Gray Raven 2022 Beginners Guide and Tips

Punishing: Gray Raven 2022 Beginners Guide and Tips

Rainbow Currency
Rainbow Currency is the same as the premium currency, which players can purchase through real cash. Players can use these rainbow cards to produce unique skins, effects bundles, and other premium goods. Players can also convert them into black cards to pull on some characters. 

Punishing: Gray Raven 2022 Beginners Guide and Tips


The above is a basic introduction to Punishing Gray Raven. When you understand the above gameplay, flow and terminology, you are not far from becoming a professional PGR fan.


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