Roblox Blade Ball Beginner Guide


Roblox Blade Ball Beginner Guide

Blade Ball, as one of the most popular hits in Roblox these years, with a combination of dodgeball and battle royale machanics. Once you get the hang of dodging and slashing, you'll find it difficult to put this one down.

roblox blade ball guide


In this game of focus, timing, and strategy, you can gain new abilities and upgrade them to compliment your playstyle. Rise through the ranks by mastering your skill!


If you are a newbie trying to secure your first win in Blade Ball, read the following insights and improve your overall game sense.


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Tip 1: Blocking the Ball

To correctly block or deflect in Blade Ball, you need to:


  • Time your Q ability (block skill) with the pace of the ball accurately
  • Use the Block ability when the ball is at arm's length to swing your sword and deflect, don't wait for the ball to arrive near your body
  • Time your shot a bit early relative to the speed of the ball
  • Practive judging the distance of the ball from your position


Besides, the angle of your character is also important. When pressing the Q key, you need to face the ball at a 70-90 degree angle to make contact with your sword and ball. Don't expect to deflect the ball if you aren't looking at it.

roblox blade ball guide


Tip 2: Repositioning

Don't stay in a single position in Blade Ball. Keep moving around the map while tracking the orientation of the ball.


However, it doesn't mean that you can press the W key all the time and run around the map freely. Generally speaking, if there are too many players around you with abilities that can increase the speed of the ball, you need to change your position.


Never closely position yourself adjacent to an opponent or in front of them. You won't have enough time to react if the ball is coming to you!

roblox blade ball guide


Tip 3: Tracking the Ball

Keep an eye on the ball from the beginning of the game! Don't change your camera angle and keep the focus on the ball at anytime. Following random rallies between players enables you to know about your opponents' abilities, strategies, and overall approach.


Tip 4: Equip Abilities

After hopping inside the map, you can click the skills button in the main menu to check each power. Learn how they work and unlock the abilities that suit your habits.


If you are a beginner, we recommend to unlock the Dash and Raging Deflection ability first.

roblox blade ball guide


Above are all the tips and tricks in Roblox Blade Ball. Hope this guide can level up your gaming experience. For more gaming news and guides, welcome to bookmark MuMu's blog page!


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