Summoners War New Update: All you need to know


Summoners War New Update: All you need to know

With the coming of Summoners War Version 8.1.4, some major changes are added to the game in order to improve the overall gameplay experience. This article is designed to give you a clear summary of what will be updated in the new version. Let's dive into the details now.

summoners war new update


Summoners Level Revamp

MAX Summoner Level will be expanded from Lv. 50 to Lv. 100

The MAX level will be expanded while maintaining your current level. The total time needed to reach Lv. 100 may differ since the amount of EXP earned depends on the Energy consumption. However, generally, it takes about 10+ days at the fastest or 40 days to reach Lv. 50 for new Summoners nowadays.


As the total amount of EXP needed to reach Lv. 100 from Lv. 50 is double the amount of EXP needed to reach Lv. 50 from Lv. 1, you can somewhat speculate how much time you need.

summoners war new update


MAX Energy Storage Increased

  • Summoner Lv. 1: 92
  • Summoner Lv. 20: 130
  • Summoner Lv. 30: 150
  • Summoner Lv. 40: 170
  • Summoner Lv. 50: 190
  • Summoner Lv. 60: 200
  • Summoner Lv. 70: 210
  • Summoner Lv. 80: 220
  • Summoner Lv. 90: 230
  • Summoner Lv. 100: 240


As you can see on the table, the base Energy at Summoner Lv. 1 will be increased from 42 to 92, and the maximum storage will be increased from (as-is, Lv. 50) 140 to (to-be, Lv. 100) 240.


With the increase in the base Energy, the maximum Energy storage according to the level will be increased overall.


Thus, if you increase the maximum Energy storage through buildings and Daily Packs, the maximum storage will be increased from (as-is) 210 to (to-be) 310.

summoners war new update


Glory buildings and buff effects can be upgraded as the Summoner Lv. Increases

Upgrading glory buildings and flags can be boring and time-consuming, and it was a burden for new Summoners to purchase various progression currencies at the Guild Shop.


Therefore, the upgrade should happen naturally as the Summoner level increases rather than purchasing progression currencies. At the same time, Com2uS shortened the time needed to upgrade various buffs granted via glory buildings and flags.


With the expansion of the MAX Summoner level, they make further improvements by providing skill points according to the Summoner level and allowing you to upgrade various effects granted via glory buildings and guild flags with these skill points.

summoners war new update


Skill points will be provided as the Summoner Lv. Increases

※ What are Skill Points?

  • 5pts are provided per level-up from Summoner Lv. 21 to Lv. 100.
  • 1 Summoner skill can be upgraded with 1pts.
  • The upgraded skill points can be reset with 300 Crystals. (1-time free for all accounts)


The buff effects of the 16 glory buildings and 4 guild flags of the Arena will be removed via the v8.1.4 update. The removed effects will be changed to unique Summoner skills that can be upgraded via leveling up.


Skill points will be refunded according to the upgrade level of glory buildings and flags

If the upgrade level of glory buildings or flags before the update is higher than the skill points to be provided according to the Summoner level, we'll refund skill points according to the upgrade level.


If the upgrade level is lower than the skill points provided according to the Summoner level, the skill points will be refunded.


If you have fully upgraded all the buildings and flags, you'll receive 400pts required for reaching the MAX Summoner skill level instantly. In this case, you will no longer receive skill points after leveling up after Lv. 50. Instead, 1 Mystical Scroll will be given per skill point.

summoners war new update


Cairos Dungeon and Rift of Worlds Rewards Improvements

The drop rate of Runes in all floors will be greatly increased

The drop rate of Runes in all floors (B1-B10, including Abyssal Floor) at the [Giant's Keep, Dragon's Lair, Necropolis, Spiritual Realm] will be greatly increased. As for the 6★ Legend Rune drop rate in the Abyssal Floor (Hard), Com2uS increases it by 2.4 times than now.


Beast Claws and Beast Horns usage improvements

Beast Horns and Beast Claws will now be dropped as the Grade SSS reward in the Rift Dungeon, and they can also be used to craft Enchanted Gems.


The drop rate of Beast Horns and Beast Claws will be greatly increased in Rift Raid (Level 5).


These new items were added through the 2nd major update in August so that you could craft Grindstones. However, their drop rate in Rift Raid was so low that there weren't many opportunities to acquire them or craft Grindstones with them. Thus, there'll be an increasing of the drop rate of Beast Claws by about 3 times and Beast Horns by about 2 times in Rift Raid (Level 5). With this, you will be able to craft Grindstones or Enchanted Gems you want more often.

summoners war new update


Drop rate of Grindstones and Enchanted Gems in Rift Raid Dungeon improved

[Rift Raid] Rather than Mana Stones that were dropped as a battle reward with a certain chance taking a reward slot, Mana Stones will now be dropped all the time like other dungeons.


The drop rate of high-grade Grindstones will be increased by the removed drop rate of Mana Stones.


[Rift Dungeon] The drop rate of Rare Enchanted Gems will be greatly decreased, and the drop rate of Hero+ Enchanted Gems will be increased by that decreased drop rate.

summoners war new update


MAX Repeat Battle Count Increased to 30 Times

The Repeat Battle can now be played up to 30 times. You'll now be able to select 10x or 30x Repeat Battle on the battle preparation screen via the Gateway building.


Also, the incidences of Repeat Battle ending due to losing a battle are reduced, by allowing players to play the next battle even through lose a battle (up to 2 times). This means you'll be acquiring more rewards from the Repeat Battle.


summoners war new update


Above are the major changes in Summoners War Version 8.1.4. For more gaming news and guide, please bookmark our blog page!


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