Summoners War: Chronicles Beginner Guide


Summoners War: Chronicles Beginner Guide

Fortunately for you, even if you never played Summoner Wars: Chronicles, we've compiled a beginner's guide that introduces the gameplay basics, handy settings for beginners, and upgrade systems.



Getting started in Summoners War: Chronicles

You can select your class, customize your summoner's appearance, and learn the controls while playing through the tutorial; the starting section should take at most 15 minutes to complete.

summoners war chronicles beginner guide


Create your summoner

You're defaulted to three choices for your summoner, all serving as a baseline for your primary character model in the game. You can customize the appearance slightly, but it won't alter your selected class. We recommend choosing the right summoner based on your class preference, which is summarized below. Remember, your summoner fights alongside your monsters, so that may affect your default choice/playstyle.


  • Summoner of Guard: Wields his shield and mace to defend his allies by taking control of the frontline.
  • Summoner of Magic: Commands magic with her staff; she excels at offensive magic to take down her foes.
  • Summoner of Healing: Uses a hammer in battle while empowering her allies with buffs and healing magic.

summoners war chronicles beginner guide


Battling with summoners and monsters

Select up to three monsters for your battle team; these monsters will fight alongside you. Navigating through skill and monster swapping cooldowns, equipping the right elemental weapons, selecting the best monsters, and practicing your dodges will go a long way while playing Summoner Wars: Chronicles.


Tap to cast skills and swap between your monsters to use their unique skills. While on the field, pay attention to the rectangle and lines; this is the trajectory of where the skills will land and plan your dodges around the enemy's projected attack.

summoners war chronicles beginner guide

Tapping on the twin swords icon by your skills turns on auto-battling, enabling your entire team to become AI-controlled. You can turn this off by tapping on the icon (again).


How to soul link with a monster

Soul linking is how you can access your monster's skills. To change out a soul-linked monster, tap on the monster's profile while on the field; the other monsters remain AI-controlled and will deploy skills independently. Once you've swapped a monster unit, you cannot change again until the cooldown timer is back up.


Casting a monster's skill

Once the magic and cooldown are available, you can manually tap on any monster's skill to begin casting. But, again, remember that managing your abilities and teams is a big part of combat success.


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