Super Sus Best Role Guide


Super Sus Best Role Guide

While now MuMu Player gives you the absolute best experience when it comes to enjoying Super Sus on PC or any other device, you still need to learn about the game's mechanics if you want to win your matches. And don't forget about your redeem codes for free rewards! And considering that, compared to Among Us, this game has a huge number of available roles, there's definitely a lot to keep in mind, especially if you're new to the game.


On this occasion, we'll be giving a brief overview about all the different Spacecrew role variants, as well as their abilities and properties.

Super Sus Best Role Guide


This is one of the standard roles that we all know and love. The purpose of the Spacecrew is simple; run around completing tasks, and trying to figure out who the Impostors are. As one of the major roles in the game, all the other sub-roles that we'll mention on this list branch out from the Spacecrew, which means that they have the same victory conditions. However, since their abilities vary considerably, they can approach these objectives in many different ways.


A Spacecrew armed with a weapon that they can use to kill Impostors. However, the catch here is that if the Sheriff mistakenly targets another innocent Spacecrew, they will instantly die instead. Nevertheless, a Sheriff in the right hands can take justice into their own hands and aid greatly in the elimination of Impostors.

Super Sus Best Role Guide


These crafty Spacecrew members are equipped with tools that let them remotely fix a critical sabotage, but only once per match. Additionally, Engineers can use vents just like Impostors. However, it's important to not let your allies confuse you for the Impostor, since they have no way of knowing that you're an Engineer, and therefore might start to suspect you if they see you venting.


These investigators have the ability to track other player's footprints. These tracks disappear after a certain period, but can help greatly to identify potential Impostors, such as when you see the footprints of a specific player walking away from the corpse of another player.

Super Sus Best Role Guide


Physicians whose sole strength lies in healing the sick and infirm. In this case, Doctors can pick up the corpses of slain players and, by taking them to the Med Bay, revive them and bring them back into the game. However, if the corpses are reported at any moment, they will disappear permanently from play, and the Doctor won't be able to revive them anymore. Additionally, it's important to consider that Doctors could potentially revive an Impostor that had been slain by the Sheriff. In this sense, proper judgment on who to revive is crucial for correctly playing this role.


This role might potentially be one of the most overpowered in the entire game, since they can literally see a player's faction. Their special skill lets them scan a player and, after a few seconds, see if they're a Spacecrew or an Impostor, or a Neutral faction. Seers can use their identification skill three times per match. However, it's recommended to keep a good distance from the target while doing it, since this skill leaves you vulnerable for a long time while casting.

Super Sus


These protectors can walk up to any players and place a barrier on them that will protect them from the next kill or curse attempt. However, Guardians can also mistakenly place barriers on Impostors, so it's important to know who to protect.


These workers are the bane of vents, as they can use their skill to blockade a vent for an entire turn. Anyone who was inside the tunnel when the Drainer blockades it will be instantly eliminated. These blockades expire after every Emergency Meeting, and must be replaced afterward.

Super Sus Best Role Guide


Explorers who can use their unique skill to zoom out their perspective and catch a much wider view of their surroundings, including players that are running around in other rooms. However, scouts can only scan around for a limited time, and they must remain still while doing so.


One of the more trickier roles. Veterans can activate a barrier around themselves that automatically eliminates ANY player that uses a skill on them. This effectively means that if an Impostor attacks you while the barrier is up, they will immediately die. However, this also applies to other Spacecrew members that can use beneficial abilities on you, possibly leading to accidental deaths.

Super Sus Best Role Guide


Deceivers that can trick Impostors by making themselves appear as Impostors (with the red nametag). These crafty players can't be attacked by Impostors, either, so they have free reign to run around and try to figure out who the enemies are.

Time Master

These units have control over time, allowing them to rewind everything for up to 5 seconds. This rewind reverses most things, including player positions and deaths, though task progress and sabotages remain unaffected.

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