Tarisland 9 Classes Overview


Tarisland 9 Classes Overview

Tarisland, as one of the most popular MMORPG in the spotlight in 2024, is to release globally on June 21st, 2024. This game absorbs all the advantages of a traditional, typical MMORPG with classic RPG mechanics, character customization and balanced game play. There are only a few days left for Tarisland's launch! This is an article about the 9 classes in this game. You can also view more about its gameplay here:  A Quick Look at Tarisland Gameplay


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Tarisland Classes


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Tarisland presents you a world created by 3 entities, also named "Gothos" in the world of Tarisland: Nihilox, Fatuina, and Erebos. All confrontations and catastrophes born in this land are the embodiment of the conflicts between these Gothoi. Once you step on Tarisland, there will be a legendary vast world waiting for you to explore. It's vital for you to decide who you are and what role you want to take in your epic adventures.


According to Tarisland official website, there are currently 9 playable classes for you to choose in game, including: Warrior, Paladin, Ranger, Barbarian fighter, Bard, Priest, Mage, Shadow swordsman, and Phantom necro. And each class will be separated into 2 specializations with different sets of skills. By the way, dual-gender classes design is also one of the items on their development plan.




Tarisland Classes - Warrior


The warriors had been through hundreds of battles. Willpower and courage are the source of their combat, and battle has been their honour for generations. They are good at using melee attacks, have a set of unique and mature defense techniques, and sword and shield are their best moves to win all battles on the battlefield.


The two specializations for Warriors are Rage and War Shield. Those who specialize in Rage have the capability to control their rage and make the best of their power to annihilate all enemies with their blade, while others who specialize in War Shield will be a master of defense, to provide the sturdiest support for their teams.




Tarisland Classes - Paladin


Paladins are divinely empowered and born to punish evil and do good. They will never give up their pursuit of justice, vowing to banish evil until the end of the world and protect all normal beings. They are outstanding both in combat and communication with humans.


The two specializations for Paladins are Justice and Guard. Those who specialize in Justice are always on the way to fight for justice, using their divine swords and hammers. They also have a special power called Judgment Power. Those who specialize in Guard will appear in the first line of their teams to protect and heal everyone.




Tarisland Classes - Ranger


Rangers in Tarisland are excellent hunters in the wilderness. The beasts are their friends and nature is their home. They conquered nature and coexisted with it. They are good not only at using weapons and traps to hunt down beasts, but also persuading beasts to become allies.


The two specializations for Rangers are Tamed Beast and Hunting. Those who specialize in Tamed beasts can communicate with beasts and make them assist the whole team as allies. And those who are in Hunting Specialization are well-known for brilliant archery skills.


Barbarian fighter


Tarisland Classes - Barbarian fighter


Born as one of the members in the Snow Lion Clan, the Barbarian fighters are the bravest warriors while having a much more robust body. They possess the power of frost and thunder, fearless as they soak themselves in blood on the battlefield, which makes their melee attacks and defense skills more powerful.


The two specializations for Barbarian Fighters are Frozen and Thunder. Those who are in Frozen specialization are in the role of tank, offering healing and damage reduction, while barbarians who choose to learn Thunder specialization are able to deal high damage with their unstoppable melee attacks.




Tarisland Classes - Bard


Wielding the power of dancing notes, Bards in Tarisland are artists in the battlefield. Unlike normal musicians, they have the power to attack enemies with sonic booms while healing allies and offering allies buffs.


The two specializations for Bards are Solo and Harmony. Those bards who choose Solo as their path are good at ranged damage with shocking sonic attacks, while those choos Harmony being great healers for their allies.




Tarisland Classes - Priest


Priests have the mighty power of faith, they can heal wounds, banish evil, and clear away the darkness of the road ahead for their allies. Meanwhile, they can also deal considerable ranged damage.


The two specializations for Priests are Prayer and Faith. Prayer Priests are omnipotent healers and can offer restorative capabilities to the entire team with the power of Holy Wings. Faith Priests are capable of unleashing the radiant might of the Faith, inflicting grievous wounds.




Tarisland Classes - Mage


Being able to manipulate elements, Mages have the inborn genius of magic and controlling elements. They are especially good at the manipulation of Ice and Fire, making them extremely powerful in terms of ranged damage. They know how to utilize the balance of space and elemental forces to create the best combat situation for themselves and allies.


The two specializations for Mages are Frost and Fire. Frost Mages are good at striking enemies with frost and slowing them down while creating a battlefield advantageous for teammates. Fire Mages are more brutal, hitting enemies right with fireballs and without chanting.


Shadow swordsman


Tarisland Classes - Shadow swordsman


Walking in the edge of shadows, Shadow Swordsman emerges from darkness and vanishes into thin air, leaving absolutely no traces.


The two specializations for Shadow Swordsman are Cunning and Dueling. The Shadow Swordsman takes full advantage of their talents for poison and for being silent. Besides using poison to toxicate enemies secretly, they are also fatal assassins. The Dueling Shadow Swordsman can make sure their movements are precise and swift and the daggers in their hands promise a sweet, quick death for their enemies.


Phantom necro


Tarisland Classes - Phantom necro


Phantom necros are the messengers between life and death. The never-ending cycle of life and death grants the power of soul to them.


The two specializations for Phantom necro are Soul Healing and Soul Snatch. Using the power of Datura Flower, Phantom necros with Soul Healing Specialization are more in the role of healers. At the same time, Phantom necros with Soul Snatch specialization are more good at ranged damage, punishing the crimes in the name of Justice.



The best way to get used to the class you like is to download Tarisland and try it yourself! We greatly suggest playing Tarisland on your Apple Silicon Mac for a better visual and gameplay experience: 


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