Upgrading Guide for Aether Gazer


Upgrading Guide for Aether Gazer

Are you ready to enter a world of sci-fi and fantasy where you can unleash your inner power and fight against the forces of darkness? If so, then you might want to check out Aether Gazer, a new action role-playing game that is coming soon to global servers. In this game, you can control different characters with unique abilities and customize them with sigils and modifiers. You can also team up with other players or challenge them in various game modes. Whether you are a fan of anime-style graphics, fast-paced combat, or immersive storylines, Aether Gazer has something for everyone. This guide will give you some tips and tricks on how to upgrade your level efficiently.

Aether Gazer Upgrading Guide


To enjoy the best audio-visual performance and the most suitable operating setting, we recommend playing Aether Gazer on PC with MuMu Player X! For more guides, please review the list below:


Upgrades and what you need to know

You can upgrade your units through the Modifier menu; you can view the base stats, unit types (melee or ranged), Gen-zones, and skills. You also perform upgrades and power-ups for all your units within this menu. We've outlined essential upgrade systems you'll need to consider when strengthening your team.


1. Leveling up

Your units will naturally receive levels once they've joined your combat team. However, you will own too many characters to balance who gets to participate in battle effectively; even some missions force you to play as units you don't own! You'll have to level up your units in between operations to get by this issue.

Aether Gazer Upgrading Guide


  1. Navigate to the Modifier menu, and tap on any character you own.
  2. Tap Level Up and choose the number of EXP chips you want to use, then select Level Up (again).


Levels increase your base stats, which determine survivability during missions. If you feel underpowered, return to the menu and level up your units.


2. Raising your skills

Action RPGs tend to make you button-mash your way to the top, or at least until you've toppled all the enemies on screen. Aether Gazer isn't any different; you need to effectively combo your skills and play to your character's gimmick. But you shouldn't be hitting like a wet noodle once you've performed the right combo, which is why you shouldn't neglect to level up your skills.

Aether Gazer Upgrading Guide


  1. Navigate to the Modifier menu, and tap on any character you own.
  2. Select Skills and choose one of the skills you wish to level; tap Level Up.


3. Gearing up

You can upgrade your Access Keys, equivalent to weapons, and your sigils, which are your artifact slots or supporting equipment. You can equip a Functor on your Access Keys, giving you passives to boost your primary stats and adding special effects (at higher rarities). Sigils will also have passive bonuses activated once you've equipped a complete set; in the meantime, you should level up your Access Keys and sigils to ensure your characters receive a boost in stats.


How to enhance your Access Keys

Aether Gazer Upgrading Guide


  1. Navigate to the Modifier menu, and tap on any character you own.
  2. Scroll and select Access Keys, then tap Enhance.
  3. Choose materials to consume; these will bring experience points to level up your weapon.
  4. Tap Level Up after selecting your materials; your base attack will increase once your weapon levels up.


How to level up your sigils

Aether Gazer Upgrading Guide


  1. Navigate to the Modifier menu, and tap on any character you own.
  2. Tap on Sigil, and place your sigils on your empty slots by tapping on Change. If you are unsure which sigils to equip, tap Recommended Sigils for additional help.
  3. Choose a sigil and tap on Cultivation.
  4. Select materials to level up your sigil. Please note you can use other sigils as level-up material, which we highly recommend not to do until you've fully equipped all your units.
  5. After selecting materials, tap Level Up.


Final Thoughts

Our Aether Gazer global guide has come to a close, and we hope that the information that we have provided for you during this guide will prove to be helpful and enable you to begin playing the game without delay. We appreciate you taking the time to read this and wish you well.


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