Viking Rise Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks


Viking Rise Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Viking Rise, a game developed by IGG.COM offers a strategy base building gameplay where players take the role of the Chief of a Viking Camp. The goal is to keep your camp fed and in good shape. This requires not only defending your turf but also invading the foreign lands which belong to your enemies. Now comes the biggest question how to fast get into this game and build your own world?

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Following are the tips MuMu Player has listed for our Viking Rise Beginners Guide to help out the players master the game.


Join a Tribe

Players in the game can join a tribe. Tribe gives a multiplayer experience to the game, the resources can be shared and the manpower for all the activities can be shared equally among all the tribe members. You can unlock the tribe system by either building a tribe hall in your camp or by completing the Join a Tribe side mission in the game.

viking rise Join a Tribe

It does not matter how you do it but it is always advisable to join the tribes as soon as possible. Because when you share resources and manpower your construction time, and manpower required to complete a quest everything decreases as the resources are shared amongst the amount of tribespeople involved in the quest. This helps a lot, especially in the later stages of the game.

Send your men to clear up the Map and expand the Camp

The total map area available in the game is not what you get in the first camp, you can actually send your army to clear up the field and expand the playable area or the building area for your map.

viking rise clear the map

Now, these new pieces of land can be unlocked via direct conquests or through defeating special monsters and dragons present on the map. Acquiring new pieces of land can also help you to get closer to enemies and have a buffer zone between the enemies and your main camp.

Complete the Chapter Missions

The main goal is to keep your Viking camp fed and in good shape. To do this you will require resources. In the early stages of the game, the best way to do it is just by following and completing the main goals, or you can take a step ahead of other Viking chiefs and redeem the code which was made available by the developers as their welcome kit for the game. Either way, the aim in the initial stages is to collect the resources, and completing the main missions is the best way to do it.

viking rise chapter

Utilize the Barracks to upgrade the Troops

Your troops are your backbone, Vikings were known for their fierce nature and the love of waging war on foreign soil. Hence a lot of time in the game you will find yourself either invading foreign soil, defending your camp from invaders, or fighting monsters.

Hence well trained troops are essential to be maintained. You can upgrade the barracks to get access to better generals and stronger troops. More barracks will help you sustain a large army as well.

viking rise upgrade your troop

Scout the Enemy before attacking their settlements

It is always a wise decision to stay a step ahead of enemies around the settlement, you can do this by looking at the stats of the enemy camps or monsters before sending your army to wipe them out. You can do this by tapping on the map once you have a sentry tower near the vicinity of the enemy position. Scouting can help you discover the weakness of the enemy according to which you can exploit them to your advantage.

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