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Method to check MuMu Startup Failure
Latest Update Time:2021-05-18

If you cannot run MuMu Player normally, please try to export the log and send it to online customer service via Facebook or Discord Server.


1. Open the following directory:

32-bit version: xx\Program Files(x86)\MuMu\emulator\nemu\EmulatorShell

64-bit version: xx\Program Files\MuMu\emulator\nemu\EmulatorShell

Method to check MuMu Startup Failure0

2. Find LogTool.exe

3. Double-click to run

4. Select the zip format in the pop-up window, which is stored on the desktop by default;

Method to check MuMu Startup Failure 1

4. Click "Save" to start exporting logs;

5. After the end, a pop-up window will be prompted, click "OK" to open the exported log file list, the selected file is log;

Method to check MuMu Startup Failure 2

6. Send log to discord channel #log-report or DM to Eva-MuMu,

Or contact online customer service via Messenger.


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You can:
1. Contact online customer service of Facebook to feed back the problem: MuMu Player.
2. Join discord server, to consult customer service: MuMu Player.
3. Send a feedback email:

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If your actual operation does not match the tutorial, please search for the corresponding setting tutorial for the motherboard or consult customer service.