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MuMu Player 12 backup data method
Latest Update Time:2023-11-13

Some users may want to migrate app data from previous versions of emulators like MuMu Player or MuMu Player X after installing MuMu Player 12. The following are the steps to realize the migration.

Note: Due to the large span between Android 6 and Android 12, data migration may bring many uncontrollable factors, and the migration may lead to some strange compatibility issues which are difficult to solve. It's highly recommended that you install the games on MuMu Player 12 once more instead of data migration, so as to avoid the problems that may encounter later.

It's recommended to do the data migration by copying the data and backing up the archive before operation.

Additionally, data migration only supports migrating data from MuMu Player/MuMu Player X to MuMu Player 12, reverse migration is not supported. Currently, apps on Multi-instances do not support migration too.

Step 1: Open the installation path of the installed MuMu Player and look for the vdi file:

Note: Before migration, if Google Framework has been installed in the emulator, please launch the emulator, click on the gadgets - Google Installer on your homepage, uninstall the Google Framework, and then right click on the Google Installer - Uninstall, uninstall the Google related APP, then exit the emulator to continue the data migration operation.

MuMu Player Android 6 path is ~:\MuMu\emulator\nemu\vms, in the vms folder find XXXXX-disk2.vdi file in the vms folder

MuMu Player X path is~: \MuMu9\emulator\nemu9\vms, find the file XXXXX-disk4.vdi;

Step 2: Open the vms folder inside the MuMu Player 12 installation path, select and open the emulator folder where you want to import the data, and paste the copied data into the corresponding folder;

For example, if you want to import to emulator 0, open the emulator folder with the suffix 0, if you want to import to emulator 1, open the emulator folder with the suffix 1, and so on.


Step 3: After copying, delete the original data.vdi file and rename the imported file as data.vdi, then open the emulator to recover data from MuMu Player/MuMu Player X.


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