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The emulator desktop has a splash screen and diagonal icons
Latest Update Time:2022-05-11

If your emulator desktop is showing anomalies such as "splash screen" or "icons turning diagonal" (below), which are usually related to your graphics card environment, please try to resolve them as follows.

In the first step, try switching the emulator to "graphics rendering mode".

Step 2: Make sure you have the latest version of your "graphics card driver">> How to update your graphics card driver.

Step 3: Make sure you are using a high-performance discrete graphics card >> How to switch to high-performance graphics.


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You can:
1. Contact online customer service of Facebook to feed back the problem: MuMu Player.
2. Join discord server, to consult customer service: MuMu Player.
3. Send a feedback email:

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If your actual operation does not match the tutorial, please search for the corresponding setting tutorial for the motherboard or consult customer service.