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How to deal with Lock Screen Emergency
Latest Update Time:2021-11-09

If you encounter the issue where MuMu Player locks screen and the password is required for emergency, follow the steps below:

Method 1:

1). Download the patch:

2). Start the emulator and run the script

3). The script automatically executes the operation. If the following screenshot is displayed, the operation is successfully cleared

4). Restart the emulator. The screen lock password is cleared


Method 2:
1). start your MuMu Player, wait until you see the Android system. 
2). Click Menu-Help center-Player Information- Log Open the directory

3). Connect with device and enter the following command:
If you use MuMu Player 6:

If you use MuMu Player X:

And then you can see the windows like this:

Enter the command step by step:
adb_server.exe connect
Click [Enter]

adb_server.exe root
Click [Enter]
( a window will pop up on the emulator, click "Allow")

adb_server.exe connect
Click [Enter]

adb_server.exe shell
Click [Enter]

rm /data/system/locksettings*
Click [Enter]

Click [Enter]

If you see the result like the screenshot shows, that means you have done. The Android System will reboot and no lock.

Restart your MuMu Player, hope you enjoy it.


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You can:
1. Contact online customer service of Facebook to feed back the problem: MuMu Player.
2. Join discord server, to consult customer service: MuMu Player.
3. Send a feedback email:

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