Brawl Stars: Lou's Guide


Brawl Stars: Lou's Guide

Welcome to the guide of Lou, a character from Brawl Stars, the free-to-play game developed by Supercell. Lou is a Chromatic Brawler that could be unlocked as a Brawl Pass reward at Tier 30 from Season 4. Lou is a very effective team brawler and has a big advantage in crowd control. In some maps and game modes, he will be a formidable opponent to face. If you haven't tried it yet, you can download MuMu Player to play Brawl Star on PC.

Brawler Lou
Lou is a chromatic brawler and therefore a very difficult brawler to obtain that just  have a very low drop rate. However, the chances of getting it in a Brawl Box increases each season from the moment the brawler released  from 0.12% to 0.5%.

Lou - Statistics

Lou is an effective team supporter, who has a passive skill that allows him to stun enemies. It is Lou's attacks that allow his stun, here are his particularities:

A gauge appears as soon as the first attack is made on an enemy.
Lou's attacks fill the meter as they hit.
Once filled, the opponent is stunned for 1.5 seconds.
After a 2 second delay without hitting an enemy with a meter, they are drained by 5% per second.

Ranging from 3,200 to 4,480 health depending on his level, Lou is an average fighter in terms of health points. Therefore, it is necessary to play with caution and be aware of potential dangers. Lou can make his allies get rid of opponents easily.
Lou's movement speed is about average. He is a fighter who must beware of assassin fighters and those with jumps and runs. Fortunately, his attacking range makes up for his lack of speed.

Lou - Attacks and Gadgets

Lou's damage is pretty good for a support brawler. Each attack consists of 3 ice cones dealing 440 to 616 damage each. Lou's damage along with his stun passive will allow his allies to easily finish off their opponents

Lou is a ranged brawler, he has a very long attack range of 9.33 squares. This is probably his greatest strength, being able to annoy and immobilize opponents from a great distance. However, Lou's passive skill isn't the only crowd control he has.
Lou's Super, 'Freezing Cream', is another skill that allows him to stretch his enemies' mobility. He drops a bottle of frozen syrup that freezes a large area of ground at the point of impact. The projectile can be launched from 7.67 squares away. The frozen surface prevents enemies from moving as they please and makes them slide. Also, while standing on ice, they take 40 to 56 points of damage per second.

Lou's "Block of Ice" gadget is a very good tool to stop opponents. Upon activating it, the brawler becomes invulnerable to any attack for 1 second. However, during that second of invulnerability, Lou is unable to move.

Lou - Usage and game mode

Lou is therefore the best support fighter, he can lower opponents' health and inflict crowd control. Also, he is a very difficult brawler to hit because of his very long attacking range. The simple fact that he can stun opponents that gives a huge advantage to the team lucky has him. Lou can even act as bait in certain situations. Thanks to his gadget, he can stop a fight to give his allies time to come and help him.
As for game modes, he prefers modes where map control is important, like Siege, Gem Razzia, or Reserved Area. In this type of mode, crowd control will be even more effective. In fact, you and your opponents need to move to collect objectives or take positions. Lou's Super is very useful here, allowing you to take a position more easily than your enemies. Also, an opponent who has difficulty moving will have a hard time avoiding their opponents' attacks. So you can easily freeze your opponents and immobilize them.
Finally, we saw that Lou is a good support and that you need to play as a team to use him at his best! But be careful not to underestimate this brawler, he can win more than one duel playing correctly with his immobilization, their slide. Also, while standing on ice, they take 40 to 56 points of damage per second.

>>>好爱你You are now ready to use Lou and her ice cream! If you need more tips, you can also read the Brawlers guide and find other guides. 

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